What is the problem?

  • Lack off experienced Process Control staff with real knowledge of your processes,

  • Too many Process Control staff is working on a rotational basis, but no one is monitoring your process continuously,

  • You walk into a management meeting, but you cannot see the operating status of your processing facility in a glance,

  • Too many PID-controllers are oscillating or are on manual,

  • Too frequent trips of your processing facilities,

  • Too many power outages in your processing facilities,

  • You don’t understand why your compressors are operating with open Anti Surge recycle valves,

  • You have to reduce plant throughput too often,

  • Your processing facility are more stable during night-shifts, than during day-shifts,

  • Your operators are exposed to too many process alarms,

  • Need a second pair of eyes of the Process Control engineering’s package delivered by our EPC-contractor,

  •  Are you ready to startup your processing facilities, but you not fully confident whether your controls are really ready to go.




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