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           Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemicals, LNG, Steam & Power generation

  • Dynamic Simulation - UNISIM and HYSYS - Process Models - Digital-Twins

  • Projects; Basis-of-Design, FEED, EPC, FAT, SAT, Cold- & Hot-commissioning, Start-ups

  • Projects; Green- & Brownfield projects

  • Process Engineering; PFS, P&ID, Equipment sizing, Safety Studies, Heat- & Material Balances

  • Plant Operations; Trip-Analysis, Debottlenecking, Data-analysis daily-operations, KPIs, RCA

  • Plant Operations; Batch- & Continuous processes

  • APC: Advanced Process Control (Model-based Predictive Control) and Optimisation

  • Subject Matter Experts; Compressor-Control, Fired-Equipment-control, Boilers & Steam-systems

  • DCS-systems; HMI – development, FAT, SAT, Start-up

  • Gas- & Steam-turbine control systems

  • ESD/Safety-systems (PLC), HAZOP, SIL, LOPA

  • SCADA-systems, HMI-Development, IIoT 

  • Base Layer Process Control

  • Sequence Control (Batch processes)

  • Quality Estimators, Inferential measurements

  • Alarm-management (ISA-18.2) Analysis/Classification/Reduction/Audit

  • Instrument Safeguarding Systems

  • Distillation process & controls

  • Compressor process & controls

  • Steam- and Gas Turbine controls

  • Utilities; Steam-systems, Fuel-gas, Instrument-air, Cooling-water, Waste Water treatment

  • Furnace and Boiler control and safeguarding

  • (Chemical) Reactor engineering & controls; batch and continuous

  • Process Monitoring; KPI's, Root Cause, Optimization

  • Dynamic Simulations; UNISIM, HYSYS; Digital-Twins

  • DCS-systems; HMI – development, FAT, SAT, Startup

  • ESD/Safety-systems (PLC), HAZOP, SIL, LOPA

  • Field instrumentation & Control Valves

  • Operator Training n, Reporting, and Analysis




Oil & Gas

Dynamic Simulations
Process Control
Process Technology

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